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Coach Hire Leicester

Travelling through Leicester and the surrounding area with a dedicated method for your transportation will provide a fair amount of assurance that your trip will go smoothly. Without having to worry about multiple vehicles driven by different drivers, scheduling where to go, what to do, and when frees up more time to spend doing what you love. That is why at Coach Hire Leicester, we provide exemplary service for all transportation needs around the region. We work with you to ensure you are getting the best rate and amenities since you no longer have to worry about multiple vehicles for your group. By travelling together in a spacious and comfortable vehicle, you and your group can spend more time bonding and having fun instead of driving and dodging traffic. Let our expert drivers, many of whom are locals and know the ins and outs of its busy streets, handle your travel woes.

Leicester Coach Hire

Our team of representatives are the pinnacle of professional and courteous, understanding of your needs when traveling and happy to work with you to meet any of your coach needs during your time in Leicester. Backed by years of experience in this field, with regular training for all employees from driver to technician, we are confident in our ability to fulfil your travel requirements.

Should you need any advice or suggestions, we are experts in customising our fleet and schedule to fit your plans. All this personalised service comes with a price tag that makes us the most popular around. Affordable for any budget, we provide our services are rates our competitors simply cannot beat. We are able to provide the level of quality we do, while keep our rates so low by having a highly efficient means of serving our clients so that the cost of driving is not hoisted onto you, the customer's, shoulders. If you have any doubts about our capabilities, feel free to browse our previous clientele feedback, or give us a try, we are ready and willing to prove why our services are considered the best in Leicester and the surrounding area.

Up To 57 Seat Coaches

From our compact 20 seaters, to the impressive 57-seaters we provide, there is a coach available that will cater to your group's size. Each one comes equipped with our famous top quality amenities, from spacious, plush seating, to huge overhead luggage space.

Interested in having a tour onboard? We offer professionals who specialise in guided tours around beautiful Leicester. If you'd prefer to have your own tour, each coach comes equipped with a modern PA system so you can talk to your group no matter the size and how far back on the coach they decided to sit. Sports teams will enjoy the comfort of bonding before the big game, and unwinding after a hard earned win together on the way back. Have a large group for a nice event in town? We enjoy helping our customers celebrate; don't miss out by having to drive everyone around. Instead let us take care of chauffeuring while you enjoy yourself in the comfortable seats with your group.

Our company's goal is to ensure we have provided every one of our customers with the best service Leicester has to offer. Coach Hire Leicester has designed a company where our fleet is routinely inspected and rotated out to avoid costly problems that most other coach hires fix by foisting the cost onto you, the customer. Our team of specialists work tirelessly to improve our business model and provide quality service to you on and off the road. Contact us today if you have any questions about what we can provide you.

Minibus Hire Leicester

Minibuses provide a smaller alternative to our coach services to better serve individuals and groups with fewer people. Just as diverse as our coach fleet, minibuses come in a variety of seating options with numerous amenities available based on customer request and rates. Whether you need only a small 8 seater minibus for a small family vacation around the area, or our larger 18 seat minibus to accommodate a midsized group for a daily outing, we have the vehicle just for you.

Minibuses For Your Needs

When you contact us for your scheduling and vehicle, we work closely with you to determine your needs and what you hope to experience while on your trip with us. Desire a simple yet effective method of transportation? We offer minibuses that are built sturdily with a few of our essential comforts such as adjustable air conditioning to provide you fresh air, reclining seats for when you just want to relax on the road, and radio entertainment for you and the group to enjoy together.

Thinking of going a step further? We have luxury packages available that provide several upgraded amenities, from mini fridges, conference tables, to tinted windows for privacy while traveling. Business groups can expect discretion and privacy while discussing matters on our minibuses, and families can enjoy uninterrupted bonding while our drive focuses on leaving you without a travel care in the world. No matter your interests and concerns, we are committed to finding the best minibus for you to let us chauffeur you in.

Regularly Checked Vehicles

No matter if you chose an upscale minibus or a practical yet comfortable style, each one is inspected and monitored closely with cutting edge technology to ensure it and its passengers are safe on the road. By inputting GPS navigational systems and closed channel communication devices, our team stays in contact regularly providing real time updates on the progress of each trip. Know that we stand by our service and vehicles, ready to accommodate our clients with any recommendations or concerns they might have. Know that as a leading expert in this industry, we have found the best options to keep you happy and safe while travelling with us.

Travelling on busy streets can be dangerous, and so can long jaunts through the countryside in the event of loss of direction or power failure. With these concerns in mind, here at Coach Hire Leicester we have established high standards for every level of our team to ensure concerns that arise while traveling are handled effectively. Rigorously vetting the interior and exterior of our vehicles is not enough, as our minibuses remain a popular option of ours, we must take great strides to maintain them for the next customers we have. That is why we provide upfront any information regarding the vehicle that might be relevant to you and your trip.

Qualified Minibus Drivers

Just like our coaches, the drivers of our minibuses must past extensive DBA and CPC qualifications before we will entrust you to their care. Everyone on our team is excited to work here and provide top-notch service that competitors cannot imitate. Know that your driver is always ready to assist you when needed based on the contract signed between us.

We know from experience that scheduling and planning a trip can be a challenge due to numerous variables and moving parts, that is why we are committed to assisting you plan your trip to avoid any unwanted interruptions. Your primary goal is to relax and leave transportation to us while under our care, let us find the best way to do that on any of our minibuses we have available.

Our Leicester Services

From its role in England's textile industry, to the stunning architecture of Leicester and Belvoir castles, Leicester offers visitors from around the world to experience why so many are proud to call this city home. Football and shopping, parks and theatre, there is so much to do and experience here! But how do you get to all of it, especially if there is more one person travelling?

Extensive Range Of Transport

Here at Coach Hire Leicester, we answer that question for you with our routinely inspected and upgraded fleet of modern coaches, mini coaches, and minibuses. Each one of our vehicles is led by a team of professionals capable of dodging the worst of English traffic and providing valuable insight into the heart of the East Midlands. Keep your stress levels to a minimum by letting us handle all your travel concerns and ensure you arrive to where you need to be at the appropriate times. There's no rush placed on you other than your own excitement to get to the next stop on your agenda.

Luxury Fleet

Our fleet is highly diverse to suit any group's needs for their visit to Leicester and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a smaller 8 seater minibus for just you and your luggage, or a staggering 57 seat coach to handle a large group and all their luggage for a long distance tour trip, we have the vehicle just for you. Equipped with quality amenities, from leather seating to fully adjustable air conditioning, even onboard toilets, we have prepared for any need you might have on the road. Spacious seats and easy aisle access make for switching seats or chatting with your fellow mates a breeze; no more squeezing past your neighbour, instead stretch your legs and enjoy your time aboard our fleet.

Convenient Features

Executives and corporate professionals will find minibuses outfitted with tables and power outlets to enable communication and productivity even on the road to or from Leicester. Interested in taking your class out into town for an educational retreat? Schools have been using our coaches and minibuses for their activities due to our professional, highly vetted team and ease of use. Take the stress off your teacher's shoulders of having to drive and watch the students by leaving the driving to us.

Weddings, funerals, and other events are more than welcome here, and we have just the vehicle suited to get the job done. No matter if you are celebrating a life milestone, or mourning the departure of a loved one, our team will respectfully service you and assist to the best of their ability. Everyone is dedicated to going about and beyond the call, so never worry about being left to handle your transportation needs alone, your driver and our team are standing by to accomplish the task at hand.

We understand life events can be difficult to arrange no matter the mood surrounding them; from weddings to family reunions, organising everyone in preparation for the busy day is hard enough, getting them there is another issue. At Coach Hire Leicester, let us assist in scheduling meetups, whether there are multiple pickups or just one large group, we are ready to plan everything necessary ahead of time to get everyone onboard without any last-minute rushing. Should a delay occur, our team adapts quickly, openly communicating with customers and other team members alike, and will work closely with you to handle the situation.

Space For All Travellers

Our minibuses provide compact solutions to travellers needs while in town. Minibuses range in size from 8 seats to 18, perfectly sized for medium sized groups or small groups with luggage. Amenities for our minibuses can include leather seating, on-board toilets, reclining seats and much more. Spacious and private, expect to be driven anywhere you desire during your stay. After your visit to all of Leicester, need a lift back to the East Midlands Airport? Let your driver know and they will get you to the airport in plenty of time for your departing flight, and be sure to call us again when you decide to come back!

Our coaches cater to midsize and larger groups, while still providing luxury offerings if desired. From out 19 seat mini coach up to our mammoth 57 seater coaches, this fleet can handle your group and anywhere it needs to go. Depending on your needs, features such as toilets, leather seating, conference tables, and LCD televisions are available to provide a homelike feel to the coach you are on.

No matter your preference or trip plan, Coach Hire Leicester is prepared to accommodate all your plans by providing top quality professionalism and prompt service. Contact our team any day of the week for immediate service, and let us get you on the road comfortably and in control of your dream trip. There is so much to do and see here in Leicester, so let us help you accomplish it all!

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