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Minibus Hire Leicester

Minibus Hire Leicester

Coach Hire Leicester has created a fleet of highly diverse minibuses that all have top of the line features and quality build. No matter if you are looking to travel alone or with a small group, we have compact 8 seater minibuses that provide the right amount of storage and space for you. Should you desire to travel through Leicester in something a bit larger, or with more in your group even, we have minibuses that go all the way up to 18 seats! Still providing top interior designs, with all the amenities our passengers could need for travel distances of all types.

At the start of your journey with us, we will discuss with you everything you hope to accomplish on your travels here in Leicester. As we assist in creating the best schedule for your transportation, we offer a large fleet for you to tour and determine which vehicle you find best suited. Should you desire an economical minibus, as you only need it for quick trips around town, or a luxury option for long trips throughout the area and with numerous people, we have plenty to offer and countless options in between. Know that our customer care will work with you to find the best vehicle for you and your travel package.

Each one of our minibuses regardless of travel package comes with an excellent baseline of quality interior and build. All our minibuses come with features such as reclining seats to relax in after a long day, plenty of foot room to stretch out, and fully adjustable air-condition so passengers can shut off their ventilation at will. Our larger minibuses can come equipped with amenities such as on-board washrooms, tinted windows, and modern PA systems. Should our guests desire a more inclusive vehicle, leather seating, mini fridges, and privacy tinting all are offered and at our guests' disposal.

The manufacturers we choose to provide our vehicles are all sturdy and last no matter how long the journey is. We routinely check our vehicles before letting our guests take them on to road to avoid sudden interruptions or travel issues. Know that the moment you step foot onto your Coach Hire Leicester minibus, every aspect of the bus has been inspected by our team of highly trained technicians. Should an unforeseen issue occur while travelling, our drivers are connected 24/7 to our team back at headquarters, ready to assist and dispatch our response team to take care of you. Drivers that work with us all must go through highly thorough CPC and DBA investigations to ensure we are putting our customers in the right hands. Trained in a variety of first aid and technical response measures, drivers can assist groups with issues and are qualified to work with vulnerable groups such as elderly and children. You are putting yourself and your travels in our hands, our drivers are trained regularly to reassure you that the person chauffeuring you knows what they are doing and how to get you where you need to go with professionalism.

Here at Coach Hire Leicester, we understand that choosing the right vehicle for your trip can be a daunting task. With so many top-quality options to choose from, we can provide you with the exact minibus to best fit your needs while on the road. Let us serve you and all your future travels to Leicester and the surrounding area with professionalism and the personal touch only we can provide with our well maintained, comfortable minibuses. Business professionals and families alike can find the service they need with us, and we are ready to prove it.