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Mini Coach Hire Leicester

Mini Coach Hire Leicester

Sometimes while on the road you just want to relax and let the scenery fly by, while other times you need to be productive to stay ahead of schedule. Perhaps you and your team are on their way to an important football game, or the company has sent you to close a deal with a big client of yours. All these need both productivity, and also give you the chance to relax before and after. If all this sounds appealing, then Coach Hire Leicester has the perfect vehicle for you; fitted with 19 seats and plenty of storage, our mini coach provides all the right comforts needed for a small group or an individual looking to get work done while on the road.

Take a trip through the East Midlands with us and enjoy time walking among the botanical gardens or along the Grand Union Canal. Even small groups can enjoy guided tours on their mini coaches, providing an exclusive feel to the tour that can be lost on the large tours provided by our competitors. Perhaps you and a few of your mates are hoping to get some major shopping done in town, well look no further than the storage available with our mini coaches. Afterwards feel free to tour around town and get driven back following your long jaunt out to exciting Leicester, knowing you don't have to drive yourself or get on public transport with your new belongings.

Need the size of a coach but the personal touches of a minibus? Spacious enough for small groups and all their personal belongings, but equipped with features found only on top of the line minibuses, our mini coaches are a great idea for those wanting just a bit more room than our minibuses offer, while more compact in design than our spacious coaches. Even if you have a larger group but desire the comfort of a more personal vehicle, our team is ready to coordinate vehicles so everyone can arrive where they need to on time.

Depending on your needs, many of our mini coaches come equipped with amenities you have come to rely on while traveling, such as on-board washrooms, LCD televisions, even conference tables in our executive style mini coaches! Whether you need all or none of these, we have provided the basics in terms of comfort, including but not limited to reclining seats, high quality on-board radio and PA system, and well-regulated air-conditioning systems.

Place yourself in good hands with our drivers, who only get behind the wheel after careful evaluation and certification through numerous U.K. authorities. Know your group, no matter the age, is being driven around by a professional in skill and conduct, ready to respond to a situation that can arise with clarity and utmost respect for you as our customer. All drivers no matter vehicle or group size are connected via our closed communications system to provide support and assurance that if needed by you or the driver, help is only a button press away.

With our exclusive mini coaches, get the best of both worlds and travel knowing you have gotten high quality service at an affordable rate our competitors cannot beat. Stop in today at VI Coach Hire Leicester, or even send us an email to see for yourself why our customers continuously leave high marks for us, and what we can do to best serve you! Quality of service is our promise, and we are confident in what we deliver to our customers. Journey through Leicester, alone or with a group using our mini coach service, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.