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19 Seater Minibus Hire Leicester And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

19 20 Seater Leicester Minbius Hire

Just a step larger than the excellent minibuses we provide in our fleet, our 19-seat mini coach and 20 seat coach vehicles tackle the somewhat awkward space issue that several groups and their vehicles can encounter. Coach Hire Leicester aspires to serve our clients and any unique needs that they might possess, and offering the 19-seater mini coach alongside its larger counterpart the 20-seat coach suits us well.

Built sleek like a mini bus, but spacious inside to accommodate more passengers and any of their personal belongings, our 19-seat mini coach is perfect for small and mid-sized groups looking to travel affordably and comfortably. Be driven around with all the personal atmosphere of a minibus, while having the space to stretch and move about a coach provides its passengers.

Despite its unique place in our fleet, it still adheres to the same high standards all vehicles we manage undergo; routine inspections before and after each usage are vital to keeping this mini coach in top shape, ready for the next trip. We provide total transparency and communication during your time with us; you know exactly what you are being driven around in and by who. Should you have any questions, customer care is available to answer them, as well as your driver, who strives to provides total professionalism to their passengers.

Our 20-seat coach which can cater from 10 upwards to 19 people, is the first in our coach fleet, smallest of the group in terms of number of seats, but very spacious in its offerings. Equipped with plenty of overhead and boot storage, passengers can stretch out and relax without worrying about squeezing past luggage or another traveler. Room to walk down the aisles makes this coach ideal for groups to bond and interact with each other. Teams travelling for games can plan and get ready for the big match with their coach while the driving is taken care of.

Available in a variety of amenity packages, these coaches come with all the standard comforts you'd expect when travelling with us. Reclining seating, plush cushions and headrests, excellent radio system and GPS navigation, and so much more. As with our minibuses, should you desire an upgrade in features, perhaps for an important meeting or celebration, we have numerous offerings such as leather interior, conference tables, onboard washrooms, and even mini fridges for you and your guests to enjoy refreshments while on the road. At Coach Hire Leicester, we are committed to finding the best vehicle to fit you and your budget.

Whether you decide travel with us for a day or much longer, our team is excited to serve you with professionalism and warmth. Each of our drivers enjoys their job and showing travelers this lively city. Let us chauffeur you around beautiful Leicester in comfort and style, without you having to worry about transportation of you, your group, and all your luggage. Enjoy the freedom of having your transportation needs taken care of by a company that has worked in this industry for many years with countless satisfied customers.

Feel free to contact us today, or schedule a tour of minibus hire Leicester service or coach hire requirements, find out how we can best serve you and your future travel needs here in Leicester. We promise quality service with highly competitive rates for the excellent services and amenities we provide. Events and large groups are welcome here with Coach Hire Leicester, and we strive to ensure your comfort and enjoyment as we take care of all your transportation requests. Contact us at your leisure, our team is standing by ready to answer any questions you have, and demonstrate why our top-quality team is the one to choose.