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Coach Hire Leicester

School Coach Hire Leicester

School Coach Hire Leicester

Coach hiring for school trips has proven time and again to be safe and economical for schools wishing to take their students on educational trips, and even for parents needing assistance with dropping off their children during the school day. We understand that affordability for schools using public funds is crucial to the continued ability to take your students on educational trips. Rest assured that we at Coach Hire Leicester are committed to providing your school with the best rates available, all while still providing the same high quality service our customers have come to expect from us.

Whether you are taking your students on a historical lesson to King Richard III, to the numerous battlefield memorials here in Leicester, or even to a school away game, we are available for hire. Here at Coach Hire Leicester we are committed to providing affordable rates to schools and their groups in order to allow them to take their students out without the hassle of organising several methods of transportation. Instead, schedule with us and we will handle your trip requirements for you without the high price associated with many of our competitors.

We understand the safety of your students during a trip is top priority. That is why our drivers and vehicles for school trips undergo extensive legal and risk assessments. All of our drivers are screened with CRB before hire and during their employment, and also equipped to assist you during emergency situations requiring first aid. Every driver of ours is required to provide proof of competency and insurance before driving with us, and we check regularly that they have remained compliant. Do not worry about whether or not you have placed your students in good hands, we have done all the work for you by ensuring only the best have come to work for us and provide you with all your transportation needs.

Whether you have a small or large group, we have coaches available for any size you need. Every one of our vehicles is checked for maintenance and updates before you even step foot into one of our well-kept coaches. Each of our coaches has high quality amenities to ensure frequent stops or complaints are not an issue. For large groups with multiple coaches, our drivers work together to best coordinate their routes in order to dodge traffic and safely get you to your destination on time. We are even available for recurring school trips and gaming events, providing an even better rate than other coach hiring services around.

Interested in taking your class to Leicester for a school game or educational trip? With plenty to offer in knowledge, Leicester is an excellent stop in any student's educational path, and we are standing by ready to schedule you to get the most out of you and your group's day at a rate that will ensure you are able to return again and again. Contact us today and see what vehicles and rates we can provide your school with today.